Fifty years ago, a unique sandwich shop was created that still bears the name of its original founder. Ever since “Moe” Pagano created the original MOE in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, people have been enjoying its trademark combination of top quality meats, specially blended oil, unique bread texture, and crispy vegetables. All are assembled fresh, making for an extremely memorable meal.

Due to the popularity of the concept, MadMoe Corporation is making franchises available to qualified candidates in order to help spread the experience. We currently have 11 locations and with the help of major vendors like US Foods and Coca-Cola as well as regional bakeries and potato chip companies, we have begun to expand outside of New Hampshire and plan to develop territories throughout New England. Moe’s fans consistently email us asking when we will be available in their towns. We just say SOON! We are confident that with a great product at a great value, customers will come. This is the same philosophy we have regarding our franchise system. We encourage you to look into the advantages of owning your now moe’s and become part of the Moe-Mentum!

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