The Freshest Ingredients. The Best Sandwiches

At Moe's Italian Sandwiches, we know ingredients matter. They don't just make the sandwich, they make the sandwich GREAT. When you serve up sub-par ingredients to your customers, they know and they won't be back. That is why we promise every customer that walks through our doors that they will get the most delicious meats, cheeses, veggies, oils, and spices in every selection they choose. Our sandwiches are always made fresh, every day, and never fail to serve up the classic authentic taste you've come to love from Moe's since we opened in 1959!

Signature Sandwiches, Sicilian Classics, new creations, soups, chowders, sides, deserts – everything we offer here hits home with imaginative combinations of flavors, scents, textures, and colors, and will always keep you coming back for more. Stop in today and taste the difference the freshest ingredients can make at Moe's Italian Sandwiches!

For more information about our ingredients or menu items, call us at 833.EAT.MOES, or fill out our customer comment card and let us know what you think!

The Original

Mild cooked salami, provolone, & all the veggies. Choice of dressing.

Salami sandwich

Half 6", Whole 12" or Super 12" (extra everything)

half sandwichwhole sandwich super sandwich

Order Your Own Way

1. Choose Your Bread!

White, Wheat, Gluten Free Roll, Wrap (white or wheat)

white breadwheat breadgluten  free rollwrap

2. Choose Your Veggies!

Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Pickles, Black Olives

peppersonionstomatoesblack olivespickles

3. Choose Your Dressing!

Oil, Spicy Oil, Mayo, Hot Pepper Relish, Mustard, Crushed Red Pepper, Salt & Pepper

oils, mayo,relish and mustardcrushed red peppersalt and pepper shakers

Local does taste better.

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