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Our Latest Reviews

Cldonahue78 4 days ago

The Original

My favorite place to get a sub.. best staff and always gets my order right

Jacquiemeaney98 5 days ago

Chicken Salad

I love stopping in after work and I am always greeted with great customer service! The chicken salad with all veggies is my favorite!

Ptrim56 9 days ago

The Original

I stared going to Moe's in Portsmouth when I was in like 8th grade (late 60's). We'd walk across the bridge from Kittery after school or on weekends. Just this tiny place barely bigger than a closet. Sandwiches made by Moe himself. When I grew up and came and went from Maine I'd always want a Moe's on my return. Now that I've returned to Maine after decades of living away Moe's is my go to sandwich to take on every flight. I get the oil in a little capped container. This sandwich travels exceptionally well. Fits in my purse. I now bring extra with me and share.

Mdcapsalis 21 days ago

The Original

Absolutely the best sandwich around, hands down!!!

Lweggy 25 days ago

The Original

Whenever I go to my local Moe's my go to sandwich is The Original. It really is the sandwich that I think defines Moe's Italian Sandwiches. The customer service does a superb job with making my sandwich. Definitely my favorite sandwich shop around. 5 out of 5 stars in my book!

Khoo2 26 days ago


Those who know go to Moe's! That's Moe's Italian Sandwiches if you were wondering. This has been a go to for great Italian sandwiches since I was a kid. Portsmouth was the original shop, but we've been enjoying the Dover location for many years too! Can't say enough about the fresh made to order sandwiches, they are what a sandwich shop should be. Happy anniversary Moe's, you're a seacoast treasure! Thanks, Karen H. Dover NH

Elaineproper 27 days ago

The Original

My family and I have been enjoying moe's basically since day 1. Best sandwich's around.

Kathiisthegardengirl 28 days ago

Mad Moe

How can you not love a Moes sub! Always a treat to eat!

Livefreenh 29 days ago


Have been eating the classic moes since i was young and now live in SanDiego and miss it everyday!! Visit Portsmouth a couple times a year and always stop in take some to go for the plane...A staple of them

Lheft123 29 days ago


Just walking into Moe's smelling the onions and the meat makes my mouth water, just thinking of it makes my mouth water. Best sandwich ever been going since I was a kid. I love the one in Sanford, ME the best but been going to the one in Dover lately and OMG! Nothing better!!!!

Cssndrbl about 1 month ago

Mad Sicilian

I have been eating at Moe's for at least 10 years. It's my treat. I have never had anything bad. The service and food are always top notch. I have tried everything on the menu. I love the selection and I love the portions. It's my favorite place to get a sub.

Diane about 1 month ago

The Original

The best Italian sandwich anywhere [and I'm from Boston and know a good Italian when I see one :-)]. Unfortunately, I've moved to North Carolina in a town where an Italian sandwhich includes roast beef and cheese which is served hot. If only Moe's Originals could be shipped down here!

Corrn4220 about 1 month ago

The Original

Absolutely LOVE Moes! Especially from the Dover location! Its been a tradition/go to in our family ever since I can remember (so at least 20 years, if not longer). Any time a family member from out of the area comes up to visit, we just HAVE to stop at Moe's so they can get their fill! Cant go wrong with an Original, thats my favorite. Haven't found a sub shop thats better, and i doubt i ever will!

Bhew9 about 1 month ago

The Original

the best sandwich ever

Jtackeff about 1 month ago

Mad Sicilian

The Mad Sicilian is just the absolute perfect sandwich. It takes the classic Moe's, and just perfects it with just a little bit of extra flavor. 10/10.

Kellie about 1 month ago


awesome favorite!

Christine.W.Casa about 1 month ago

The Original

I grew up with the "downtown" Moe's so was first hesitant to try this location. It was awesome! Really friendly people working there making the sandwiches and the sandwich was fresh and delicious, just as good as the downtown location, and so much more convenient. Nothing beats a Moe! Thank you!

Alexa.Gullison 5 days ago

Mad Moe

Amazing option for those who are gluten free. The bread was delicious and greatly made with tons of flavor!

Raisin25 8 days ago

Mad Moe

The Mad Moe with no onions is EXACTLY what I am looking for when I'm craving a sub...bring me anything else and I'll thank you, but secretly wish you had gone to Moes.

Deb 20 days ago

Mad Sicilian

Very tasty!

Bigglennonboss 24 days ago

The Original

There are many great subs at Moe's but the original is still my favorite. When I drive by I'll get a craving for one instantly. Taking care of that craving today by getting one for lunch.

Wandaedwards49 26 days ago

The Original

I love Moe's. Every time I go home I have to have one. I always get a spicy Super with extra pickles no green peppers.

Rayker28 26 days ago

The Original

You can't beat these sandwiches. Everything is fresh and delicious. Fast service too.

Carinaprobz 27 days ago

Mad Moe

Shoutout to the Mobil Moe's for always having premade sandwiches on stock in the coolers because they're always slammed with customers and I hate waiting my entire lunch break for a sandwich I love. In and out with my favorite Moe! LOVE it.

Carlton874 28 days ago

The Original

Still the BEST. Life long fan since 1959. Great to not have to drive in town. Also use catering with mini-Moe's for Church and other functions.

Lmd2307 29 days ago



Joseph about 1 month ago

Mini Moe's

Ordered 2 platters of these for our office staff meeting. Loved it.

Jhannae about 1 month ago

Monster Moe

We had this for our baby shower and it was a hit! Delicious and fun to open. Definitely recommend!

My5kids 2000 about 1 month ago

Mad Moe

From Portsmouth😊live in Maine. Go to Moe's everytime I go to Portsmouth. Although theres one in where I live...Ill always go back to the store in Portsmouth. Brings back childhood memories. Love Moe's❤

Vivenzio19 about 1 month ago

Mad Sicilian

Have been eating at Moes for over twenty years and can't say enough good things. From the original Moes with oil to the Mad Sicilian with extra hots. A five star experience all around !!!!

Gregjmelnik about 1 month ago

Mad Moe

This is the best Mad Moe plenty of Meat fresh bread just can't beat a Mad Moes

Onefatsummer23 about 1 month ago


This is my favorite sub. It's alway made perfectly, and I love how I'm able to add what I want and how much! They also make them fast as well. My go-to lunch spot.

Clynn8828 about 1 month ago

Tuna Salad

The best tuna you could ever have sweet and not too fishy made with love and fresh daily!! Staff is always happy and smiley. I go atleast 3x a month

Jessie.A.Arnold about 1 month ago

The Original

Moe's is my FAVORITE! I grew up in Dover and have been eating them since I can remember. I live in Mass now (boo) but I literally get one every time I'm visiting in NH. The original is the best and I love that they now offer gluten-free buns as I recently got diagnosed with Celiac disease. Thanks Moe's for being the BEST sub place I've been to!